Why we are:

With an abundance of global enterprise experience and the passion to do more, influence more and be at the forefront of digital enablement, this could only be done by being at the coal-front of change – and that meant rolling up our sleeves and taking ownership to drive this change in Australia ourselves.

You can’t keep a cap on passion, and being the masters of our own destiny enables us to help you with yours. Fuelling that passion is our driven need to unleash our inventiveness, logical assessment, together with a pragmatic and strategic perspective. What all of us love the most is being presented with a challenge and applying our imagination to help you solve it.

How we make it happen:

ViaApps has always been passionate about helping make a difference, but we hate over-priced, under-serving, insecure, slow-to-market and inflexible solution offerings. To this end we have partnered with Appcelerator in bringing to the Australian market a cross-platform mobile development solution that not only ticks the boxes above but with over 800,000 participating developers worldwide, but also addresses the question of having effective, certified and trusted resources always on-tap.



Sales and Technical Director

Stephen has a talent for thinking in metaphors.That makes it easier for his clients to grasp the meaning behind the jargon-style explanations of other app platforms. Open minded and strategic, Stephen answers questions simply and explains the extensive value of the Via Apps solutions. Stephen guides his clients as they explore their problems, providing advice that reduces risk and increases ROI…


Finance and Systems Director

Using the Via Apps platform, Peter combines perceptiveness and processes to invent new solutions to old problems. Collaborative and imaginative, Peter sees patterns where others see static and is bold in his assessment of potential. That means Peter delivers a platform solution that works for your enterprise – and for the greater good…

Thanks for spending time with us today – we’re looking forward to hearing from you in person and would love to get in touch to discuss your app development ideas

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